VoiceOver Submissions

VO pros encouraged to submit their VO for the RadioDaily's Main Intro

You might have noticed that the VO talent for the RadioDaily’s main titles and intro changes episode to episode. You never know who you’ll hear doing the main titles on any given day — from the industry’s best and most successful VO talent to some of the industry’s brightest up-and-comers you’re only now starting to hear about — and that’s by design! We want each episode of the Radio Daily to be a journey of discovery for the listener. If we provide a little creative spark or introduce an industry pro to a new talent or concept they’ve never heard of before, we consider that a good day.

If you’re a voiceover artist, we highly encourage you to submit your VO to be included as the main titles/intro for an upcoming episode of the RadioDaily. See our FAQ below for details and to submit your copy.

FAQ's and Submitting Audio

I wish we could disclose the details of some highly scientific process. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to who, how or why any VO is chosen on any particular day aside from “hey, this sounds good for today.” We strive to spread the love around, and provide as much exposure to as many different talents as we can on a regular basis. That said, we cannot guarantee we will use every single submission but encourage any and all to send us theirs!

Simply record the exact script in italics below, in :12 to :14 seconds total, and send a quality, dry .mp3 file of it with the form on this page. Be sure to include your contact info (name, email address, phone number, website) for proper credit in the episode notes here at theRadioDaily.com. Please do not deviate from the written script, aside from where it says to put your name, otherwise feel free to deliver the lines as you would any copy for any clients of yours. As this essentially serves as a very quick, mass audition of your mad VO chops, we encourage your unique, creative personality so we are intentionally being vague with our direction. 

Please master/EQ/filter your audio so it’s ready to cut a bed and production elements. We want you to sound like you like to sound on your other finished products. Do not email your files, do not send .wavs or produce anything.  Just one simple, edited, clean mastered file with your dry VO of this script that totals :12 to :14 seconds.

This is the “Industry’s Podcast.”

With news. Features. Music. And more.

We’re taking you around the entire Radio and Records world… in less than 20 minutes.

I’m (your name here). And this… is the Radio Daily.

No. We love you, but we’re a small operation and don’t want to make any promises we can’t always consistently keep. We will post the name/contact info of the VO talent within each episode here on the website for a quick peek, otherwise you’re welcome to listen each day to see if it’s you!

No, not monetarily. The RadioDaily is and has been, from day one, a collaborative effort of many, many different people and entities across the Radio & Records industry. By submitting your voiceover, you are absolutely granting us the use of your voice within the confines of the RadioDaily podcast, for the sole purpose of the main titles/intro script above. While we will not monetarily compensate you for your work, we will however provide your contact info to our listeners, many of whom regularly hire voiceover professionals. That’s the whole idea here… think of it as a very strategically targeted, mass audition!

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