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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.26.19
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Special Feature A: "Music Meeting" by Ryan Kramer
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Boom goes the dynamite at New York Country outlet 94 point 7 NASH FM … or, well, wait… kinda. Entercom is now at the controls, so it’s what you’d think. Just a little paint thinner on the brand.

San Antonio is happily celebrating radio mediocrity and I kinda like it.

Boston radio is collecting big money for kids, but hey look, so is Alexandria Louisiana.

Industry moves in Jockline and Kramer does impact day for CHR and Urban.

Happy Tuesday… This is the RadioDaily… for March 26, 2019.

P R E S E N T I N G    S P O N S O R S

This is the RadioDaily… welcome, welcome, I’m Chris Kelly. And the RadioDaily is powered in part by vCreative … So maybe things come off the rails at your station a little bit more frequently than they should. Maybe your sales department and production director’s communication pipeline is… well, lacking. Promo Director loses winner sheets? I hear ya.  vCreative can help with both. You should look them up… vCreativeInc.com. That’s vCreativeInc.com.

S E G M E N T    O N E

<audio> Yeah if you’re wondering… country on 94.7 FM in New York City used to be called NASH FM, didn’t it? Yes, it did. Till yesterday. Entercom announced that it’s dumped the Cumulus-flavored NASH branding in favor of simply “New York’s Country 94-7”, effective immediately. Cumulus of course, trading NASH along with a handful of other stations to Entercom for the stations in Indianapolis. No other changes aside from dropping the NASH brand are expected.

There are any number of things about radio that I love … and one of them is putting some kind of imaging or promo on the air, totally out of left field, that makes people kinda go… wait… what? Just like this. <audio> Wait… play that again? <audio> I thought so. San Antonio’s number TWO Hit Music Station… that’s the brainchild of National Director of Digital Content and new Energy 94.1 PD Ernie Martinez and VP of Content for Alpha Media Phil Becker. Their feeling is that listeners can smell BS from a mile away and that hype-laden positioning statements are a thing of the past, so hey, why not tell the truth about being number two? Funny thing is I remember the data from years back about the very same thing… people don’t love the “We’re number one” chest thumping, so everyone took that off the air, but never figured out what to say in its place, so slowly but surely those positioners crept back pn the air. This, to me, is brilliant. And you know listeners like the underdog, so even if they won’t admit it, I see the smirk and twinkle in Phil Becker’s eye on this one… Check more out and have a listen online at energy941.com.

In another example of radio doing incredible things in the market they serve, we look to Boston and Mix 104.1’s 16th annual “Mix Cares for Kids Radiothon” How much did they raise? <audio>  Over $618,000 and change in donations this year. That’s amazing. The radiothon was broadcast live from the Boston Children’s Hospital from 5:30a through 7p on March 15. Congrats to everyone involved on a job well done there.

Also, how about this… over $106,000 is headed to St Jude Children’s Research hospital thanks to 100.3 KRRV in Alexandria Louisiana whose annual Country Cares for St Jude radiothon was last Thursday and Friday.  Well done to PD Melissa Frost, and talent Pat Cloud and David Atwood.

Finally, yesterday brought the announcement from Apple that they’ve created a new, updated subscription service called Apple News Plus … this is $9.99 a month and for it, you have access to more than 300 magazines and newspapers, plus digital news services and more. Some publications included… GQ, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine, in addition to papers like the Wall Street Journal and LA Times. An interesting play when you think about it, from a publisher’s perspective… if you used to get a subscription to deliver a paper from each house you delivered it to… and now you’re one of 300+ publications a person gets for less than ten bucks a month? Ouch. One can only hope this starts dumping new money back into print journalism’s coffers in time!

Next, we take a stroll across the radio and records landscape to see who’s moving where, who’s doing what, and who’s bragging about all of it. Industry Moves are next via our friends at The Mouth and Jockline … in the Radio Daily.

S E G M E N T    T W O

It’s Jockline … powered by the Mouth. Broadcast Media’s daily mix of top news and information. Don’t forget Morning Show Boot Camp 31 is coming up again in August – the 8th and 9th at the amazing Swissotel in Chicago. Registration and details are available now – online at morningshowbootcamp.com.

Longtime Philly fixture Chio is making the move a bit northeast to Townsquare heritgage country station WOKQ/Portsmouth NH as of next week. The Chio and Kira in the Morning Show, co hosted by Kira Lew, will also be simulcast on 103-7 The Peak in Portland Maine.

Buck Owens country station KUZZ Bakersfield CA has notified the world that longtime market pro Kenn McCloud is adding Music Director duties as of this coming Monday. He’s been at KUZZ since October 2016 after a long 15 year run with iHeartMedia / Clear Channel Bakersfield as SVP of Programming.

Ben Larsen has earned a few stripes as he’s promoted to SVP International Marketing for Warner Brothers Records. He’s based in Los Angeles where he relocated from the Warner Music family in London about three years ago.

Bill O’Reilly is making his triumphant return… well, to radio anyway. Not with a longform talk program like he once hosted, instead, he’ll be providing a 15-minute “O’Reilly Update” beginning April 29th, available thru syndicator Key Networks.

There’s a new Director of Sales at Hubbard Radio Seattle… Michael Fashana has earned the appointment after previously serving as the Director of Regional National sales at Comcast Spotlight in Seattle.

Country artist Tyler Farr has been added to the Broken Bow / Night Train Records roster. This is the first venture between Broken Bow and Jason Aldean’s Night Train Records. Farr was previously with Columbia with a handful of Top 5’s.

Coming up next… Ryan Kramer knows it’s impact day at CHR and Urban. He’s got his crystal ball shined up and knows exactly what you need to be considering for adds this week. A RadioDaily music meeting is NEXT.

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Meantime … This full podcast has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019. The main title VO for this episode was Adam Ketch, and the main feature contributor was Ryan Kramer. You too can record those main titles and/or submit a feature for inclusion in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Find the details at TheRadioDaily.com. For Ketch, Kramer and for me, Chris Kelly… Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow for the next episode of the RadioDaily.

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