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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.25.19
Main Title VO Talent: Kelly Kelly Kelly
VO Talent Website: theimaginghouse.com
VO Talent Phone: (310) 324-9800 (Atlas Talent)

Special Feature A: "Music Meeting" by Ryan Kramer
Special Feature B: "n/a" by n/a

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The industry mourns the passing of a voiceover icon … one of those guys that someday in the next few weeks, you’re gonna hear someone else say about him: ya know, they just don’t make em like that anymore.

iHeartMedia gets all fancy as they make their plans to reemerge from bankruptcy the second quarter of this year.

A handful of moves to report… including the return to a coveted time slot on a coveted radio station in an amazing market… if only the New England Patriots didn’t live there.

And Ryan Kramer does his Music Meeting for your Monday impact day.

All in the RadioDaily for Monday March 25, 2019.

P R E S E N T I N G    S P O N S O R S

Hello hello … I’m Chris Kelly … welcome to The RadioDaily powered by vCreative … All those moving parts behind the scenes of your radio station. Salespeople going this way, production director going that way, trying to snag the talent with a net as they pass to just voice their production… and if they do, you’ll produce and load it for them. Stop. vCreative makes this all SOOOO much easier. And you’ll be amazed what they can do with your promotions department too. Look them up online right now. vCreativeInc.com.

S E G M E N T    O N E

Friday brought the sad news that Voiceover legend Chris Corley passed away last Thursday night, from pancreatic cancer, at the too young age of 55. <audio> That’s audio from one of many tributes making their way around social media … Corley of course is best known as the voice of FOX TV, in addition to major league baseball, Discovery, a million other things on TV, the best movie trailers you’ve ever heard and a whole boatload of radio stations across the United States. A statement from Lisa Marber-Rich, co-founder and president of Atlant Talent put it best: “After 25+ years together, our hearts are broken at the loss of our dear friend. The world will be a quieter place without the melodious sounds of Chris Corley.” Well said, Lisa. Condolences to Chris’s friends, family and many admirers across the industry. Details are forthcoming but a celebration of his life is planned for April 6th in his hometown of Fort Myers. More thoughts on Corley at the end of today’s episode.

iHeartMedia is apparently considering an IPO … that’s Initial Public Offering … as a path back to getting its stock listed on a major stock exchange. They released a statement on Friday saying they’re quote “evaluating potential paths to achieve its listing following emergence from its restructuring process in the second quarter of this year.” A requirement in part of the reorganization plan to use reasonable best efforts to achieve a listing on a US stock exchange as it emerges from bankruptcy. An IPO is one way to do it.

Friday and the weekend were relatively quiet on the industry news front… I’m not going to cook up some data to share with you for the sake of sharing it… brevity, right?  So we’ll move on to the who’s who and where who’s moving across the industry, cause there are in fact a ton of those… the Jockline segment is next.

S E G M E N T    T W O

This is Jockline … it’s powered by The Mouth, Broadcast Media’s Daily Mix of Top News and Information. Registration is now OPEN for Morning Show Boot Camp 31, back in Chicago August 8th and 9th at the amazing Swisshotel. Get registered at MorningShowBootCamp.com now.

As of today, Jammin 94-5 in Boston sees the return of Ashlee Feldman to the morning show. “Ashlee and the new Jam’n morning show” (that’s what it’s called) is hosted by Ashlee and Santi Deoleo, in addition to other feature players time and again.

iHeartMedia Top 40 Y100 Miami’s afternoon guy Mack is making the long walk across the hall to sister station AC 93.9 WMIA for mornings. He’ll be joined by KIIS Los Angeles weekend host, Letty B and his Y100 producer Nick Pena. The new show starts April 1st.

There’s a new General Sales Manager at Cox in Houston. Leti Aguilera takes over effective April 8th. She’s incoming from a variety of positions in the industry over her career, from AE to Regional VP and most recently in Chicago.

Connoisseur Media Director of Brand Management Michelle Stevens has exited the building. She’s been with Connoisseur since 2012 when they purchased Nassau Broadcasting, but in one way or the other, she’s been associated with those properties for over 30 years.

B103.9 in Big Rapids Michigan has a new afternoon jock. Welcome, Brian Holmes, invound from 93-1 Jamz in Madison where he was APD and did nights.

Hubbard Radio has a new strategy with podcasting… or more accurate, a new manager of corporate podcasting strategy, and that’s Wheeler Morris. He’s been the guy in Minneapolis, but will now work with Hubbard partner PodcastOne and with SVP Programming Greg Strassell.

If you or someone you know is on the move, please let us know online at theRadioDaily.com. Heading into the weekend, always goo d to be up to speed on what’s happening around the music industry so there’s no surprises come Monday, and oh yeah, a fresh weekend jam or two perhaps. Ryan Kramer and the Weekend Mix Tape are next.

C R E D I T S / W R A P   U P

Final thoughts for a Monday … I thought about this over the weekend. Back in 2009, I had a classic rock station in our cluster that had Brian James as its primary voice guy. We had just re-imaged the station with his voice not even a year prior, and of course, in March 2009, sadly Brian James passed away. We weren’t quite sure where to turn or what to do. How do you replace that iconic voice? Well, we and many others replaced it with Chris Corley’s. I don’t remember the specifics of the deal at the time. But I do remember that under the circumstances, Chris Corley was so, so, so gracious, understanding, patient and willing to absolutely anything to help radio stations all over get re-voiced, re-produced and re-launched. He was super, super classy, and of course one of the most instantly recognizable voiceover artists of all time. In 2009, we replaced a legend in Brian James with another legend in Chris Corley. In 2019, sadly the both of them have been taken far, far too soon. Those voices are the ones we’ll remember… long after the current voiceover boom we’re going through where anyone with a computer at home can take a run at it. To use a cliché, they just don’t make them like that anymore. Rest in peace, Chris Corley.

Meantime … This full podcast has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019. The main title VO for this episode was Kelly Doherty, and the main feature contributor was Ryan Kramer. You too can record those main titles and/or submit a feature for inclusion in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Find the details at TheRadioDaily.com. For Kelly, for Ryan Kramer and for me, Chris Kelly… Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow for another episode of the RadioDaily.


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