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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.20.19
Main Title VO Talent: Lisa Keys
VO Talent Website: http://lisakeysvoiceover.com
VO Talent Phone: (212) 730-4500 (Atlas Talent)

Special Feature A: "Quarter Hour w/Tony Zazza (seg 1)" by Tommy McFly
Special Feature B: "Quarter Hour w/Tony Zazza (seg 2)" by Tommy McFly

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tRD News Segment Transcript(s)

Radio in Nebraska rallies to the aid of the communities they serve, we’ll give you a snippet.

While Cumulus is basically printing money with podcasting, Cox Media Group is allegedly talking about selling their way out of radio. Wait… Cumulus is making how much? This podcast will make millions eventually too, right?

An RCA records staple removes himself and re-staples another packet with Arista across the top.

And Tommy McFly chats with Dallas turned Florida radio pro Tony Zazza in this week’s Quarter Hour Segment.

All neatly packaged inside the RadioDaily… for March 20, 2019.

P R E S E N T I N G    S P O N S O R S

Welcome to the RadioDaily, My name is Chris Kelly… This podcast is powered by vCreative … much like the behind the scenes workflows around thousands of radio stations worldwide. This is a company that LOVES what they do – and they LOVE to build systems to make your day easier and your staff as a whole more efficient. From production orders to the promotional process… they’ve got you covered at vCreativeInc.com.

S E G M E N T    O N E

I am a FAN of highlighting the things that radio does in the communities we serve, and firmly believe that our responsibility as broadcasters in those communities should take precedence when it really matters… today brings the story of exactly that. From Nikki & Matt at NRG Media’s Sweet 98-5 in Omaha, Nebraska … <audio> A snippet of radio coverage of the tragic flooding happening in Nebraska… and The NRG Omaha stations worked with the Salvation Army to collect more than 160,000 bottles of water and individual cash donations, all to assist those affected by tragic flooding in the region. I’m sure anyone in radio can recall that one “thing” that happened in their market at some point, where their station rallied to the cause and helped those affected in the community. And I’m sure that you look back on that effort as one of the more proud accomplishments in your career. So that begs the question… why don’t we spend more time doing stuff like that with our radio stations? That’s a future conversation here in the RadioDaily.

Meantime, in business news… Cumulus CEO Mary Berner has pulled the curtain back on what they’re doing in the digital space, and that radio is not the only solid revenue stream for the company. Digital revenue at Cumulus, among their “C-Suite” properties, grew by more than 60% in 2018 and quote “meaningfully outpaced the industry.” Podcasting in particular has become a focus and a winning proposition for Cumulus, whose portfolio at the Westwood One Podcast Network now includes shows from Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Suze Orman, Dennis Miller and more. And check this out… in 2016… the company’s revenue attached to podcasting generated about $100,000. In 2018, Berner says that podcasting generated $12.5 Million dollars in profitable revenue. She says that podcasting won’t be for one company to dominate, and that Cumulus expects to emerge as one of the leaders when the dust settles.

Some employees of Cox Media group have reportedly been informed that the company is quote, exploring options, for all of its radio properties. What that means in layman’s terms is they’re looking to sell of their stations and exit the business. This is a report from The Atlanta Business Chronicle who adds that there’s no timeline for them to jettison their 61 radio stations, which include markets like Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Houston and San Antonio, TX, but that their motivation for doing so is driven by digital media economics. Of course both Cumulus and iHeartMedia have filed for bankruptcy in the last two years and have had to restructure as a result. Cox has already sold off a majority stake in their TV properties, plus the company’s radio stations and newspaper in Ohio.

Who’s moving where, and what’s shakin’, bacon …. A few major market opportunities and a long time label fixture jumps from one moving boat to another, and sticks the landing. Details and industry moves are next in the RadioDaily.

S E G M E N T    T W O

Still to come… The Tommy Show’s Tommy McFly has a conversation about making radio great again with syndicated WA1A morning show host and radio good guy Tony Zazza… that’s coming up in just a couple minutes… first…

Sometimes all you need is a moving box… sometimes you need a whole truck. Here’s who’s moving around the radio and records industry today:

All Access reported that in the matter of basically a day, record pro Danny Cooper exited one door and walked right into another, departing RCA records after the last 11 successful years as VP/Top 40. As of today, he is now the SVP of Promotion at Arista Records, serving under EVP of Promotion John Boulos.

Stephanie Tichenor is the new program director at WLS 890 in Chicago. She joins from WGN where she’s served as Director of News and Operations.

Elsewhere in Chicago, PD Jimmy Steele is on the hunt for a full time night jock at Hubbard’s Mix 101.9, as Chris Reese exits the station. You can find the details at the Hubbard Radio Careers page.

Atlanta is the destination for those looking for a sweet full time on air gig at Entercom’s Star 94 point 1. Those interested should NOT email or call PD Ron Roberts, but instead follow the directions posted at entercom dot com slash careers.

There’s a new Vice President of Promotion at Big Loud Records’ Toronto Division… Big Loud President Clay Hunnicut reports that Brianne Deslippe has been promoted to VP from GM and National Director, and they’ve extended her contract as well.

Beasley Media Group in Charlotte has promoted Brandon Chase to PD of FOX Sports Radio Charlotte, available on 1660 AM and 94.7 and 103.7 FM. He will also continue his role has APD/MD and midday personality for AC sister station K104.7 and production director for the cluster.

Adams Radio WJFX, Hot 107-9 in Ft Wayne Indiana has a new night jock… Billy Cova is incoming from Entercom CHR WDZH in Detroit, after it flipped to soft AC.

C R E D I T S / W R A P   U P

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Meantime … This full podcast has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019. The main title VO for this episode was Lisa Keys, and the main feature contributor was Tommy McFly. You too can record those main titles and/or submit a feature for inclusion in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Find the details at TheRadioDaily.com. For Lisa Keys, for Tommy McFly and for me, Chris Kelly… Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow for another episode of the RadioDaily.

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