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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.14.19
Main Title VO Talent: Ketch
VO Talent Website: ketchvo.com
VO Talent Phone: (905) 531-9742

Special Feature A: "Cool Ideas from the Imaging House (Seg 1)" by Kelly Doherty
Special Feature B: "Cool Ideas from the Imaging House (Seg 2)" by Kelly Doherty

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Alexa … play my damn radio station. No not that one, MY damn radio station! The other station! Grrr… yeah, a little about that…

How bout an all podcast radio station? That’s a thing now too…

A bunch of people changing jobs, including a record label icon who shocks the industry with his departure…

Plus… who knew when Woody Harrelson sang that Kelly Kelly Kelly song to his fiancé on Cheers that a radio imaging legend was born… you know who I’m talking about. She’s our guest contributor today.

Let’s take a stroll through the RadioDaily … for March 14th, 2019.

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The RadioDaily is powered by vCreative … they do an exceptional job of re-imagining the workflow inside your radio station. If you find yourself bogged down by paperwork, or keep misplacing that production order or promotional request… vCreative and their workflows are your jam. They’re insanely smart… they’re radio people… and they know how to make efficiency a big deal behind the scenes at your station. They’ve walked a mile in your shoes… now they MAKE the shoes. Check em out at vCreativeInc.com.

S E G M E N T    O N E
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With the current smart speaking integration and subsequent imaging and promo rage, You might have something on your radio station similar to this from Cat Country 98.1 in Providence, Rhode Island … <audio Cat Country – Providence> … So, in the first bit of a blog series from called “The Alexa Effect,” Integr8 Research divulges that the data of those listening to FM radio on smart speakers is actually down, year over year. Clearly not for lack of creativity in how you’re promoting it, but they cite a few different reasons that might be possible, including the fact that theres significantly more smart speakers out there year by year, reducing the overall percentage of “rabid fans” among the more casual mainstream listeners. Or put another way, the sample is watered down by people who don’t do as much with their smart speaker as the early adopters did. There’s some interesting data in there, some of it a little startling, honestly. For the full report, you can hit up integr8research dot com … by the way, there’s the number 8 in there… like intuh grrrr (number 8) research dot com.

iHeartMedia has done something pretty bold with a little AM stick in Allentown, Pennsylvania… Spanish ESPN Deportes gives way on WSAN-AM to the all new “iHeartPodcast Channel on AM 1470,” now airing original podcasts around the clock. Of note, let’s not forget that iHeartRadio is the second largest podcast publisher in the US, with more than 16 million monthly listeners across roughly 160 original shows, with more 25,000 podcasts available from additional contributors on the iHeartRadio app… They definitely have the content, and it’s an interesting play to take 2019 content and air it with 1920’s technology (well, maybe more modern than that, but you get the point). You have to wonder if it will introduce the concept to a previously unfamiliar audience… or alternatively, if someone who would be interested in a podcast has ZERO interest in anything on AM radio. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting experiment and quite a few people will be watching to see how it does. You can dig into it more at PodcastAM1470 dot com.

Typically, we reserve staff changes at radio or records for the Jockline segment of the podcast, but this one is kind of a big deal… Columbia Records EVP of Promotion, Lee Leipsner has announced his departure from the label after a long and successful 25 year run. He began his career at Mercury Records as the DC based regional promo rep in 1989, then ultimately went on an adventure of acquiring various VP titles over the years, the most recent with an E in front of it. No word yet on Lee’s plans for what’s next, but you can drop him a note at lleipsner@gmail.com. I did so earlier… I always thought Lee was super helpful and very fair in his role over the years. Even if you weren’t the biggest deal in the world, he would take your call. I always thought that was cool. And there’s not enough people like that in the world! Congrats to Lee on a long, successful run.

Elsewhere! More staff changes across the Radio and Records landscape… lots of them, in fact. Plus a few lineup tweaks and new deals… I’ll give them a RadioDaily run down in Jockline, next.

S E G M E N T    T W O
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This is Jockline … powered by The Mouth, Broadcast Media’s Daily Mix of Top News and Information. Registration is now OPEN for Morning Show Boot Camp 31, back in Chicago August 8th and 9th at the amazing Swisshotel. Get registered at MorningShowBootCamp.com now.

Beasley Classic Hits 105.7 WROR in Boston names Morgan Prue APD/MD, effective next week. She spent the last six years at sister station Magic 106.7, also in Boston.

Entercom Classic Hits 98.1 WOGL in Philly has announced the arrival of a new morning show – the Frank and Marilyn Morning Show, anchored by former XTU morning host Frank Lario (larry-o). The announcement was made via creative video on Facebook and the new show starts Monday.

Northwestern Media Christian station Twin Cities 98.5 in Minneapolis has shifted its lineup around a bit. PD Keith Stevens moves to mornings while Andy Youso moves to PM Drive each weekday from 2 to 6.

Sun Broadcast Group has acquired two new Mix Shows from DJ Goofy Whitekid and DJ Grooves. The duo has been doing their thing for a decade plus and are coming with a Top 40 or Rhythm version for your station soon. Contact Rich O’Brien at Sun Broadcast Group for details.

Radio pro J.C. Coffey makes the leap from radio to records as he’s announced as the new Director of Midwest Promotion for Big Machine Records, effective next week. His last radio post was as OM/PD in Elmira, NY.

Finally – yesterday, Bubba the Love Sponge and his company have filed a lawsuit against Cox Media Group, 102-5 The Bone in Tampa’s morning host Mike Calta and Bubba’s former producer Matt Loyd for quote “malicious and deceitful destruction of his business relationships and career.” This all stems from his pretty rocky departure from the Bone in 2014 and subsequent war of words and, well, Hulk Hogan sex tapes. It’s a pretty weird story… and it will continue with a new suit filed in Pinellas County yesterday.

Fun fact… I live in the area and actually saw Hulk Hogan go by on a boat last year. Aren’t I lucky?

If you or someone you know is on the move, please let us know online at theRadioDaily.com. Next… VO superstar, Founder and VP of Badassness from The Imaging House, Kelly Doherty, more commonly known as Kelly Kelly Kelly… no relation, by the way, she’s our next guest contributor on the RadioDaily, after this.

C R E D I T S / W R A P   U P
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One more thing… some final thoughts for this, the second? Technically? Episode of the RadioDaily. Yesterday we had a soft launch. And statistically speaking, it was quite a bit more widely received than I anticipated. So for a couple hundred listeners on a day when we really didn’t tell too many people about this podcast… where’s all my future guest contributors?

We had Tommy McFly and BJ Shea yesterday, we had Kelly Kelly Kelly in this episode. So who’s next? What do YOU want to talk about?

There’s many different ways you can be involved with the RadioDaily in this ramp up period, and especially come full speed ahead in the coming weeks and months. The idea is that we foster a greater conversation about the Radio & Records industry and share great ideas, amazing content, inspiration and GOOD stuff happening at your station.

Share your best station stuff with us… news, or audio, pictures, whatever… online at theRadioDaily.com now. While there, send me an idea for a feature we should do – or better yet, one YOU would like to do. Or just shoot me an email… chris@theradiodaily.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Meantime … This full podcast has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019. The main title VO for this episode was Ketch, and the main feature contributor was Kelly Doherty. You too can record those main titles and/or submit a feature for inclusion in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Find the details at TheRadioDaily.com. For Ketch, for Kelly and for me, Chris Kelly… Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow for another episode of the RadioDaily.

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