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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.13.19
Main Title VO Talent: Kelly Kelly Kelly
VO Talent Website: theimaginghouse.com
VO Talent Phone: (310) 324-9800 (Atlas Talent)

Special Feature A: "Quarter Hour w/ BJ Shea (Seg 1)" by Tommy McFly
Special Feature B: "Quarter Hour w/ BJ Shea (Seg 2)" by Tommy McFly

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It’s the inaugural episode of the RadioDaily… finally, launch day has arrived, albeit a soft launch for a little while, but today…

A flashback to that time one of my own station vehicles was found on blocks at the radio station, with its wheels having been stolen right off it… now a station in Denver, of course, sees that bet and raises it to theft of the entire vehicle, getaway car to another, and obviously some sweet publicity too.

Moves around the industry in the Jockline segment…

Plus… Washington DC’s Tommy McFly takes control for his first Quarter Hour guest feature, it’s a conversation with Seattle radio mainstay BJ Shea.

All that and more in the RadioDaily… for March 13th, 2019.

P R E S E N T I N G    S P O N S O R S
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The RadioDaily is powered by vCreative … re-imagining the workflow inside your radio station. Fun fact… I worked for one of the very first clusters to deploy the vPPO software, 10+ years ago now, which was slick back then, and now they’ve had a decade to refine it, which explains why they’re being used by thousands and thousands of stations worldwide today… Check it out – and also their new promotions & events workflow vPromotions – check them out online at vcreativeinc.com … And now… the news!

S E G M E N T    O N E
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Who among us hasn’t had a station vehicle or promo equipment stolen at some point? I remember one Saturday morning in Tucson showing up to the station to find our Hot 98-3 vehicle up on blocks… or another time when one of our SUV’s was stolen, unbeknownst to us, and discovered burnt to a crisp in Mexico weeks later. Well, someone in Denver has taken it to the next level… the station van at Jammin 101-5 was stolen, then caught on camera being used to steal another truck from a driveway. This from Fox 31 in Denver… <audio>. They haven’t found the stolen truck… but a listener found the abandoned station van in front of his house and called the station. While they didn’t offer a reward, the man did request the station play more Temptations and Four Tops… and I’m not making that up. All’s well that ends well!

More performers have been announced for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards… The Backstreet Boys, Ella Mai, Lovelytheband and Marshmello with special guest Lauv were announced yesterday, along with Travis Barker and Yungblud being named as special guest performers with Halsey. They all join the likes of Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, Garth Brooks, John Legend and more. The live event airs tomorrow night on Fox at 8/7 central.

Finally, odds are you’ve used G-Selector or at least the old DOS Selector product… both of course now owned by iHeartMedia subsidiary RCS, which also owns automation systems Nexgen, Zetta, etc. Last month, RCS purchased an online audio tech company called RadioJar, which gives RCS online streaming, ad insertion and content creation tools, which already include music scheduling, automation and cloud based playout systems. What this means is that stations could, in theory, use an all RCS suite for planning, scheduling and airing their final product. Schedule music and imaging with selector, insert your spots and traffic with the RadioJar tools and load it all into Nexgen or Zetta for playback. RCS also plans to demo a cloud based automation system that can import logs, integrate traffic and even allow voice tracking, all in the cloud without local installations… they’ll be showing that off next month at NAB in Las Vegas.

A few high profile staff changes and a little Howard Stern news as well, which always makes it a fun day. That and more coming up in the RadioDaily… with Jockline next.

S E G M E N T    T W O
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is Jockline … powered by The Mouth, Broadcast Media’s Daily Mix of Top News and Information. Registration is now OPEN for Morning Show Boot Camp 31, back in Chicago August 8th and 9th at the amazing Swisshotel. Get registered at MorningShowBootCamp.com now.

Karen Carson at New 102.7 in New York has a new co-host… it’s Johnny On the Streets from crosstown rival WPLJ, where he was part of the Todd & Jayde cast. PLJ, of course, was sold by Cumulus to EMF last month and will be converted to K-Love affiliate.

Elsewhere in New York, tomorrow and Friday as Scott Shannon and Patty Steele take a couple days off, Ross Brittain and his wife will fill in mornings on WCBS, reuniting from their brief time on the air together at WABC back in the early 80’s. Catch them live this Thursday and Friday morning.

Meg Stevens has been promoted to Region SVP of Programming for iHeartMedia Atlanta . She’s now responsible for programming across the company in Georgia and South Carolina, and as day to day PD for Atlanta’s 94-9 The Bull, effective immediately.

Meanwhile Chadwick Hausknecht, otherwise known as AJ (and thank goodness for that) is replacing her as SVP of Programming for their Virginia-Carolina region. He’s now responsible for all the day to day at iHeart stations in Charlotte, plus the big picture for over 50 stations in the region.

Sirius XM super talent and radio icon Howard Stern has a new book coming out, his third in fact… “Howard Stern Comes Again” is due out on May14th with pre-orders being taken now on Amazon.com. His first book, Private Parts, of course was made into a movie that most of us know and love.

Veteran programmer Chris Patyk jumps the fence from radio to leading the curation of alternative and rock stations at TuneIn. Patyk was most recently at Entercom in San Diego, but has also been a PD in Portland, Phoenix and Tucson.

Beasley Media Group announced that Erika Beasley will segue from VP and Market Manager of the company’s six station cluster in Fayetteville, North Carolina to Tampa as the Corporate Digital Director for local markets, effective this week. Replacing her in Fayetteville is VP/Market Manager from the Augusta, Georgia market, Kent Dunn, who will now serve as a Regional Vice President for both markets.

If you or someone you know is on the move, please let us know online at theRadioDaily.com. Next… the first ever installment of “Quarter Hour” with Tommy McFly. Tommy sits down this week with Seattle rock legend … BJ Shea…. Wait… that’s seattle rock RADIO legend … BJ Shea. That sounds more accurate… and it’s coming up, next.

C R E D I T S / W R A P   U P
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

One more thing… some final thoughts for this inaugural soft launch episode of the RadioDaily…

Yesterday I discovered a blog from Rick Fink, over at radioink.com. According to the blog, he started in radio prior to 1982 and claims that over its history, radio has played the role of the lesser, dying medium to all sorts of challengers… like TV, cassettes, CD’s, iPods, Satellite, then Pandora, Spotify, streaming… and now… Podcasts. Ironic, given this commentary comes in the form of one, however… He cites survey results, that 70% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” which is on pace with those other competing medium when they launched. He says 50% of all US homes are podcast fans, versus 93% for radio. Therefore, radio is not dead. It’s not even dying. And podcasts are no threat.

No, I agree, radio is not threatened by podcasting as a platform or as a tech replacement, not entirely anyway. It’s threatened by people who can use it to distribute their content, and that’s why his blog and those like it, are extremely short sighted, in my opinion. I cringe when I hear some SVP on a panel at a conference talk about how radio is stronger than ever! Our reach is just as big as it ever was! A couple of teenage girls with a laptop in their dorm room can now create audio or video content and easily release it to the masses. A few guys with a passion for cars, or a husband and wife with sage relationship advice and a smart phone are a few screen taps away from sharing their story with the world. You think people still hang on our every radio broadcast word anymore? You think when someone says to a friend “hey, have you heard the new Beyonce song yet?” they go running to the radio and lock in your station till they hear it? I’ve spent 20+ years in radio… and I don’t even own one in my home anymore. No. I turn to instant gratification online or on my smart phone, then wirelessly transmit it to my speakers in the house.

Do you own a radio in your home or carry one around with you all day? And if not… do we really want to do a victory lap at radio right now, by comparing technology in 2019 to 8-Tracks? You can’t make the comparison between podcasting and cassettes, CD’s, etc… that’s content delivery. That’s taking a fraction of the content we provide at radio and distributing it differently. The problem is now we’re actually talking about content CREATION. Original, creative, compelling content… yeah, most of which sucks, but a lot of it is AMAZING and all of which anyone can now do from home. It’s social media on the next level. This isn’t buying the latest Lionel Richie album which you can also hear on a radio station, so I don’t need you radio people anymore! It’s creating alternative content… not distributing the same content differently. It’s not just a stack of favorite CD’s or a couple other radio stations in your town … it’s literally thousands and thousands and thousands of other channels, with other content creators, to listen to.

So by all means, let’s write about how great everything is. Cause doing nothing and claiming everything is awesome… that’ll be enough!

The RadioDaily was created to advance this conversation forward. We’re hopeful as time goes on throughout this “soft launch” period, we find more and more of you who want to contribute to it.

This full podcast has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019. The main title VO for this episode was Kelly Kelly Kelly, and the main feature contributor was the Tommy Show’s Tommy McFly. You too can record those main titles and/or submit a feature for inclusion in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Find the details at TheRadioDaily.com. For Kelly Kelly Kelly, Tommy McFly and me, I’m Chris Kelly. Thanks for listening and we’ll catch you tomorrow for another episode of the RadioDaily.

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