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Episode: RadioDaily: 03.01.19
Main Title VO Talent: Drew Carpenter
VO Talent Website: DrewCarpenterVO.com
VO Talent Phone: (970) 443-0939

Special Feature A: "None" by None
Special Feature B: "Weekend Mix Tape" by Ryan Kramer

Episode Notes

Chaz & AJ opening (as heard in the episode), details from R.A.M.P. 24/7:

A minimum of three years on-air (TV or radio) experience is required, along with the ability to deliver area traffic reports. You must have a demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of social media and be able to effectively interact with the public at major events and an ability to demonstrate a professional appearance and demeanor in and outside of the radio station. You should also be connected to everything happening in the news of the day as it relates to Connecticut and/or the WPLR audience.

If you meet these qualifications, please send a three-minute demo along with your resume and salary requirements to: connoisseurctjobs@gmail.com, and put “CHAZ AND AJ” in the subject line. Connoisseur Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

tRD News Segment Transcript(s)

If you really want to witness just how the country format has forged a relationship with radio… look no further than Country Radio Seminar in Nashville… it already happened this year and even if you didn’t go, wait, maybe you still can…

Likewise, the ACM radio winners have been announced…

Some more feel good morning show love, this time from the Bert Show…

And Ryan Kramer tells you what you need to load up on between now and Monday, with your weekend mix tape.

Today, it’s another test of the new podcast serving radio & records…

This is the RadioDaily… for t he first day of March, 2019

P R E S E N T I N G    S P O N S O R S
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is the final sampler episode of the RadioDaily for a week or two, then we hope to be back with our official, full blown daily launch on the 13th of March. We’re still taking submissions for gust contributors and feature segments, in addition to making new partnerships with sponsors and advertisers as well. This thing is coming together quickly, so if you want to get involved, by all means… please email me! It’s chris@theradiodaily.com… Now… the news!

S E G M E N T    O N E
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

<CRS audio> …and now you can hear and watch it all online, too! That’s Country Radio Broadcasters Board President Kurt Johnson opening up the 50th annual Country Radio Seminar in Nashville a couple weeks ago… I was fortunate enough to be there myself and if you didn’t get the chance, you can now absorb all of the wonderful uncut panel sessions, handouts and more, all for free online at CountryRadioSeminar.com. I will say this, however… if you have the chance to go in person, it’s a must attend for radio people in all formats, really. You need to see how the country format in particular conducts business. It truly is the coolest radio conference of the year… On Wednesday night, conference attendees were treated to an acoustic one man show from Garth Brooks. Thursday at the Ryman, performances from all the biggest Universal Music Group Nashville artists. Lunch on Friday with Rascal Flatts and more. In addition to NUMEROUS parties, performances and events all across Nashville. This conference shows you up close and personal how much artists in the country format care about radio, how grateful they are FOR radio, and how much they do to support it… even Superstars like Garth Brooks. It’s crazy. Check out the recap from this year, videos, audio and more at countryradioseminar.com.

Speaking of country… yesterday the Academy of Country Music announced the radio winners for their annual ACM awards broadcast coming up live from Vegas on Sunday April 7th. Small Market station of the year is KHAY/Ventura California. Medium market station of the year I, for the 7th time in its history, is WIVK in Knoxville TN. Large Market station of the year is KUBL Salt Lake City, and the 2019 Major Market station of the year is KNIX in Phoenix. Reba McIntire will host the ACM Awards at 8p eastern on April 7th, Live on CBS.

Finally… Last week, twelve kids and their families jetted off on the trip of a lifetime with Westwood One syndicated, The Bert Show… <audio> Bert’s Big Adventure is a nonprofit organization that provides a magical, all expenses paid journey to Walt Disney World for kids with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. This year, the Bert Show took kids from all across the US, including Atlanta, Charleston, Wyoming and Indianapolis. Such a great cause, and wonderful example of what makes great radio… and what makes radio great.

It’s been another shockingly slow news day for staffing math around the industry – and by math I mean additions and subtractions, and even promotions or demotions. Nonetheless, we’ll run down what we got in Jockline… next.

S E G M E N T    T W O
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is Jockline … powered by The Mouth, Broadcast Media’s Daily Mix of Top News and Information. Talk Show Boot Camp TEN, coming up March 7th and 8th at the Marriott Marina Del Rey. Registration open now at TalkShowBootCamp dot com.

Justin Taylor, formerly of Broadway Media in Salt Lake has been named the new Operations Manager for Cumulus in Oxnard-Ventura, CA for the cluster and Program Director for country 100.7 KHAY. He replaces Chris Cox, who retires next week after 45 years in radio.

Connoisseur in Connecticut is on the hunt for a pro to join the region’s #1 morning show – Chaz and AJ – on 99.1 PLR in New Haven. This role will be the third mic on the show, handle traffic and some producer duties like booking guests. Interested parties should send a three minute demo with resume, etc. to connoisseur ct jobs at gmail.com with Chaz & AJ in the subject line.

The staff at non-comm NPR affiliate WBUR in Boston has voted to unionize, with 96% voting in favor of utilizing SAG-AFTRA as their representation. They report that organizing with the union has brought the staff closer together and they’re eager to get to work negotiating their new deal.

University of Iowa Play by Play guy Gary Dolphin’s suspension for comments he made on the air will end just in time for the 2019 spring football broadcast. Dolphin apologized for those comments at a press conference earlier this week, accompanied by Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta.

If you or someone you know is on the move, has received some kind of honor or just has some people news to report at your station, label or company… by all means, please let us know online at theRadioDaily.com. NO guest feature or music meeting for this Thursday RadioDaily sampler, so final thoughts… next.

C R E D I T S / W R A P   U P
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Final thoughts for this episode of the RadioDaily… it has totally been just a test run, to get used to the process of putting together an episode with some of the elements we’ll ultimately use time and again. If this were an actual, full blown, post launch episode… you would have also heard a smattering of sponsors and messaging from our partners, plus a handful of features from guest contributors along the way.


This has been a presentation of the Radio Daily, copyright 2019 CK Radio LLC. Some of the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of us, our sponsors or our staff. Some beds and production effects courtesy of ReelWorld. For Ryan Kramer and for this episode of the radio daily, our main title VO was Drew Carpenter and me, I’m Chris Kelly. We’ll catch you next time for another episode of the RadioDaily.

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