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RadioDaily: 03.27.19

From AM Show to host of a hot podcast recently gobbled up by Spotify. It's a sweet gig if you can get it! A philly fixture trades cheesesteaks for Tex-Mex and other Texas kinds of things, plus Free Beer and Hot Wings, ironically, adds cheese too. Tommy McFly "quarter hours" with veteran programmer and consultant Charese Fruge, who tackles issues like the number of female PD’s and how talent can get noticed by VP types like her. We also buzz through a quick Worldwide Radio Summit preview before...

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RadioDaily: 03.26.19

Boom goes the dynamite at New York Country outlet 94 point 7 NASH FM … or, well, wait… kinda. Entercom is now at the controls, so it’s not what you’d think. San Antonio is happily celebrating radio mediocrity and I kinda like it. Boston radio is collecting big money for kids, but hey look, so is Alexandria Louisiana. Industry moves in Jockline and Kramer does impact day for CHR and Urban. Happy Tuesday… This is the RadioDaily… for March 26, 2019.

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RadioDaily: 03.25.19

An abbreviated-ish Monday edition of the RadioDaily. The industry mourns the passing of a legend behind the mic in radio, tv, movies and more. iHeartMedia is doing some stock soul searching. A bunch of industry movers and shakers brought to you by Jockline Daily and the Mouth, and Ryan Kramer takes you into the office for a Monday RadioDaily Music Meeting. All for March 25, 2019 ... both a Monday and my wife's birthday - so happy birthday, Laura!

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RadioDaily: 03.22.19

A big time streaming service debuts a new marketing campaign and throws a little unintentional shade at radio by dragging out one of the oldest branding tricks in the book. Knock knock… who’s there? A new owner and a format change in Knoxville. A plethora of other industry moves to close out the week… and Ryan Kramer loads up a weekend mix tape for you. All inside today’s RadioDaily for March 22, 2019.

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RadioDaily: 03.21.19

Woodstock and Lollapalooza announce their lineups. A podcast (not this one) gets robbed at gunpoint while they're live on social media! Lots of industry moves, and Drew Carpenter walks us through how he went from zero to six figures doing voiceover, and you probably didn't even notice. All that and more in today's RadioDaily for March 21, 2019.

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RadioDaily: 03.20.19

Nebraska radio is doing some good after the floods. Cumulus is making bank on podcasting. A decade plus Label VP is crossing the street, plus other industry moves. And Tommy McFly sits down and chats with Tony Zazza about radio and life. In today's RadioDaily for March 20, 2019.

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RadioDaily Cast & Crew

Chris Kelly

Executive Producer & Anchor

Former corporate radio Operations Manager and Program Director turned Director of Programming for cool Seattle-based imaging/jingle/prep company. Ohio born, Colorado raised, current Florida resident. Boater, dad, husband, West Wing (the show) aficionado and long time radio nerd (not necessarily in that order). The creator, main writer, producer and voice of the RadioDaily.

Ryan Kramer

Music Director & Reporter

Former long time APD/MD to Chris Kelly turned corporate radio programmer in Austin, TX.  Baseball and sports freak (San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Cal Bears, Denver Nuggets. Wait, what?) Iowa born, Colorado raised, and learned early on that you just Don’t Mess With Texas. Dad to two future MLB all stars, F1 Racing fanatic and the resident music expert and ambassador for the RadioDaily.



The RadioDaily is currently seeking a producer. You will work with the team on the final production of the daily podcast, and help to coordinate (or produce) spots for advertisers as needed. Ideal candidates are based in the pacific time zone (or willing to work those hours). Must have experience in radio/commercial production and basic web/internet/tech skills. Contact Chris Kelly.

RadioDaily Friends & Contributors

Tommy mcfly-600x570

Tommy McFly

The Tommy Show - Washington D.C.

Kelly Doherty

The Imaging House - Los Angeles

vPPO & vPromotions

R Dub!

Sunday Night Slow Jams
tony lorino

Tony Lorino

Throwback Nation Radio

Jordin Silver

96.5 The Buzz - Kansas City

Drew Carpenter

Drew Carpenter Voiceover
jockline logo

Jockline Daily
big rob

Big Rob

96.1 KISS FM - Colorado


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