Fresh Start

Whether you're looking for a new gig or looking for someone to fill one, we've got your back at theRadioDaily.

Hey, it’s oft-said that you aren’t truly in the Radio & Records industry till you’ve been fired at least once, right? So worry not, job seeker.

That said, being out of work stinks. For different reasons, being understaffed with an important role to fill on your staff also stinks. Either way, no matter if you’re looking for a job or looking to hire someone, theRadioDaily gives you an opportunity for a fresh start. 

Our “Fresh Start” segments are designed to give maximum exposure by only running once per episode, featuring YOU. As talent, you have the opportunity to literally be the only air personality or programmer essentially “auditioning” for any available gigs offered by our listeners, or to get your name on a short list for a gig only they know will be available soon. Before they ever post a job and ask to be bombarded with bad airchecks, now is your chance to dazzle them.

Additionally, as a hiring manager, whether you are looking for your next morning superstar or to just build your bench, telling our listeners in detail about the position and using the power of audio to introduce your station and set your expectations for greatness, is far, far more effective than a print ad somewhere lost among hundreds of others.

We only run one of each of these quick, 30-second “looking” or “hiring” ads per episode, so there may be a waiting list. For rates and availability to appear in our “Fresh Start” segment, email