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Want to become a Contributor to theRadioDaily?

We are always, always, ALWAYS looking for new, informative and unique content ideas to include as segments in theRadioDaily podcasts and special features, and look forward to your suggestions and/or contributions.

If you simply have a suggestion of a feature for us to include in an upcoming episode, you’re more than welcome to share it with us via the form on this page.

However, if you and/or your company has a pitch for a fully produced segment, we’re all about it. In fact, that’s precisely how theRadioDaily was imagined in the first place… as a collaborative of the best and brightest in our industry.

Please see our FAQ below for segment requirements and details about how to submit your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

These are three to eight minutes per episode… on the topic of your choice, written by you, produced by you and shared by us inside the friendly confines of the rest of theRadioDaily episode. It could be a one-off feature on something you’re passionate about… or it could be a series of features on something that you just can’t get it all out in a single episode or two.

Our goal is to have each feature we air check at least one of three boxes, if not all three.

Box Number One… Is it informative? Meaning… will the listener learn something from it? Could this content be considered educational, like a mini-workshop or session at a conference?

Box Number Two… Is it actionable?  Could the listener use the information to implement something new at their station or in their professional life. Will it inspire someone to do something different or make something better?

Or Box Number Three… is it just entertaining? Sometimes that’s enough and a needed break from the reality of the day.

Generally the contributor is responsible for the production of the segment, who then provides it to theRadioDaily for inclusion within the totality of the daily episode. In some cases, we are willing to help with production of a segment, depending on the contributor’s circumstances. That said, being the radio and records industry, it’s fully expected that you can provide us fully produced audio. As you can imagine, theRadioDaily only accepts segments that meet the standard of production for the podcast and/or its features.

Generally speaking, no. In some rare cases, dependent upon the circumstances, theRadioDaily may be willing to pay for inclusion of certain content as required. In most cases, however, feature segments are submitted for exposure within the Radio & Records industry, either simply as the talented individual you are or for your company or business. *Note: Any company that wishes to produce a feature segment must meet our editorial criteria for being valuable, unique and informative content and NOT just an infomercial for your company or product. Our content features are not for sale, but we also want to give credit where credit is due, so we allow your business to share the spotlight and provide some brief information about yourselves. We reserve the right not to include your segment if you take advantage of this lenient policy.

You will coordinate the air date of your feature with theRadioDaily staff. We usually have a waiting list of features in the hopper produced and ready to go, but in an effort to keep things relevant and timely, we reserve the right to reschedule what will air when, at any given time. We try to give priority to the best produced, most informative and well rounded features. So your effort and hard work does count!

Totally, yes. One of the main themes of theRadioDaily is hopefully helping to shift broadcasters’ mindsets into a podcasting world, right? So if we’re going to routinely encourage radio people to listen to and ultimately program a podcast, of course we’re going to highlight and talk about the good ones. If you produce a shortened “snippet” or highlight reel of your podcast, the right content could and will be considered as a feature in theRadioDaily, of course!

No. All features included in an episode of theRadioDaily must first be discussed and produced to our guidelines before being included. Blind submissions will not be accepted, but odds are, what you already have might work if you discuss it with us first so we can tweak it first if necessary!

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By submitting content and checking the button below, you affirm that you are the rightful owner of the material you are submitting and grant theRadioDaily permission to include all or a portion of it in the podcast, in addition to your name, character and/or likeness. Additionally, you agree that all of the above may also be made available online at theRadioDaily.com.